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In-House VDI versus Hosted Desktop

cloud hosting 600 x 300Many businesses are moving to a cloud hosted desktop solution for various reasons, including reduced operating costs, end-user flexibility, and improved disaster recovery. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a hosted desktop solution and an in-house one.

With a hosted desktop solution, you can quickly provision and grow your virtual desktop environments because it’s handled by technical experts in a data center. Since you’re automating deployment and outsourcing daily maintenance to a host provider, your operating costs decrease.

As more businesses take advantage of infrastructure as a service, desktop management and applications and data are moving to service providers who specialize in virtual desktops. Hosted desktop services allow companies to receive the benefits of virtual desktops without having to acquire the in-house knowledge and skills necessary to deploy this solution.

In-house VDI gives you full control over your hardware and data, however. Especially if you’re subject to compliance regulations, this could be a major concern in your choice.

If VDI or hosted desktop solutions might be of benefit to your company, TBConsulting has created an e-Book, “What to Expect During a VDI Migration,” that gives you more insight into the pros and cons of VDI. Download it today for free.