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Do Virtual Desktop Solutions Make Sense for Your Business?

Cloud-technology 2It seems like the more you hear about VDI, the more sense it makes for large businesses because of the associated costs with setting up your infrastructure. But small businesses can benefit from virtual desktop solutions, too. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a virtual desktop solution for your business.

  1. Onboard new employees faster. You know how much time it takes to set up a new employee’s desktop PC. You have to deploy your corporate image on a PC, set up the hardware, boot from your management tool, configure it, and then run all of the updates necessary to bring it up to a current image. And that assumes that the deployment works on your new hardware just fine. With a virtual desktop solution, you have a standard template that uploads to a thin client, eliminating the new hardware issue and saving you massive amounts of time and effort to onboard your new employee.
  2. Increase memory easily. In the physical world, you would have to source new hardware, install it, and make sure it works. Instead of having to physically increase the memory in an employee’s laptop to accommodate a new application, you just edit their VDI image for more memory. It’s that simple.
  3. Reduce downtime. Imagine if an end user’s desktop power supply blows up. What happens to all of their stored applications and data in this instance? If you’re using a virtual desktop solution, all of the data and applications are stored on the server, and can be instantly accessed with another device. So if you keep thin clients around as spares or if you have an older machine not being used, you can bring up the end user’s virtual image instantly and they can get back to work.

Small businesses don’t need a huge VDI implementation or costly software. Whatever vendor or partner you choose to help with your VDI implementation, make sure they understand your needs and what you want to do. There are ways to set up a virtual desktop solution for small businesses that contains the cost while still allowing the functionality and benefits of VDI.

TBConsulting has created an e-Book, “What to Expect During a VDI Migration,” that gives you more insight into virtual desktop solutions, or virtual desktop infrastructure. This comprehensive e-Book is an excellent resource for not only what to expect, but how to prepare. We also lay out the pros and cons and give you a guide on how to choose a migration partner. Download it today for free.