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Bridge the UCaaS and CCaaS gap with an MSP for Customer Service Excellence

Bridge the UCaaS and CCaaS gap with an MSP for Customer Service ExcellenceAre you looking to upgrade your customer service experience for your employees and customers?

When patience is wearing thin, and frustration is eroding brand loyalty, how can you improve call center functionality to reduce wait times and resolve customer inquiries? When your customer satisfaction goals are high but your metrics are lagging, how can you support clear and meaningful communication between internal teams and external consumers to improve satisfaction?

Your answer lies in utilizing a hosted, cloud-based unified communication platform that bridges the gap between quality customer service interactions and internal voice and collaboration applications to achieve customer service excellence. An experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help migrate and manage your communication systems and integrate your CRM applications on a cloud platform for the greatest efficiency.

Leverage the power and efficiency of cloud-hosted technology by combining communication services to enhance the customer experience. Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) is an internal communication system for voice, video, web conferencing, and screen sharing – all the things needed for employees to deeply engage with their teams and their organization. Call Center as a Service (CCaaS) aims to elevate the customer experience with real-time access to data to better support customer inquiries and enhanced telephony technology for clarity, response times, and efficient queuing. By integrating these seemingly disparate communication applications, workflows are streamlined, and your organization can achieve customer service excellence.

UCaaS + CCaaS for better Customer Experience

Why is Customer Experience (CX) so important? Because there is tremendous competition when selling like products, and your differentiator is to be customer-centric by engaging your customers and analyzing their behavior patterns. And what better way to align the customer experience, the employee experience, and the end-user experience than to leverage and consolidate data from customer interactions and your CRM?

Customers can be reactive and demanding. But when employees try to use disparate tools across several channels to solve problems, it creates a high-stress environment, fragmented communication, and increases frustration on both sides. Hubspot found that consumers can use up to 13 channels to reach businesses. Simply customer accessibility with combined communication services.

Customers expect companies to have immediate access to their consumer data, but they also expect that data to be held securely. Empower your call center employees to satisfy customer inquiries with access to customer profile data and the ability to collaborate with in-house subject matter experts to resolve pain points. Integrating that valuable customer feedback data into your CRM can align customer satisfaction with business outcomes.

Expect great things to happen when combining Unified Communications services:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Efficient call center support
  • Faster ticket resolution
  • Brand loyalty
  • Improved call center performance
  • Mutual satisfaction – employee & customer
  • Data gleaned from customer interactions
  • Fewer resources required for success

UCaaS + CCaaS for Business Continuity

Hosting unified communication and contact center solutions with the same cloud-based provider leads to stronger business continuity. An MSP can provide the resiliency to maintain essential communication functions after disaster strikes and aid in recovery efforts.

The “as a Service” model ensures that security controls and enforcement are centrally managed, giving you the comfort of knowing your communication stack will be updated, patched, and maintained properly. When you have enterprise-level technology available to your customers, any delays in restoring daily operations after a disaster will be minimized. Having the support of an MSP means that call center and internal communication paths can be restored more quickly for a seamless customer experience.

UCaaS + CCaaS for Cost Control

When you combine communication services, costs are predictable, and services are streamlined. No longer are you at the mercy of multiple vendors and billing cycles. Instead of buying hardware, software, phones, conferencing, and data sharing apps, you get one platform to manage all your communication systems, all on one bill. Fragmented communication infrastructure and siloed tools lead to confusion, additional costs, inefficiency, and implementation delays.

By unifying call center and collaboration services, the impact of a single disruptive event on your infrastructure is minimized, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of your tools while scaling for growth. With centralized management, the hum of efficiency is not silenced despite your distributed workforce and the use of personal, disparate devices to get work done.



UCaaS + CCaaS + CRM for Performance

Strengthen your customer service dream team by integrating your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool with UCaaS and CCaaS on a cloud platform for greater portability, better collaboration, and higher customer satisfaction.

Consumption of cloud communication services through a single cloud platform is scalable and secure. All the features that come with your CRM and single service communication apps are consolidated for ease of use. Data gathered from customer interactions are tracked across multiple channels to understand customer behaviors and can inform decision intelligence for product development and support better business performance. 

Look to a cloud-based communication platform for: 

  • High reliability
  • Customer data consolidation
  • Failover resiliency
  • Cloud convenience
  • Enterprise grade telephony
  • Application integration
  • Audio, video, and collaboration

UCaaS + CCaaS for Better Business Outcomes

Integrating multichannel communication solutions onto a single, cloud-based platform is part of a robust business strategy. When your employees are enabled to deliver quality customer service interactions, your brand profits from impressions made on satisfied customers.

Combining call center and collaboration functionality reduces communication costs and improves customer service. A 2021 Metrigy report found that using a single, cloud-based platform for UCaaS and CCaaS improves CX by 56.6% and agent efficiency by 37.4%. 

Working with an MSP will orchestrate a better customer relationship and build employee confidence, driving greater satisfaction and brand loyalty. When you can align customer needs with product deliverables, you create a valuable relationship and build personal connections to your brand.

Deploy UCaas and CCaaS services for:

  • Streamlined functionality
  • Scalable customer experience
  • Less IT maintenance
  • Secure delivery 
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Concise analytics & reporting
  • Reduce frustration
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • High performance
  • Operational efficiencies 
  • Convenience


TBConsulting (TBC), a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, delivers enterprise-level IT services to organizations operating on a global scale. By engaging TBC for delivery and maintenance of UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, you are free from the hassle of trying to integrate and scale multiple communication solutions to achieve customer service excellence. TBC can migrate your Unified Communications and Call Center solutions to our cloud-based platform and support your data and application integration.  Our UC experts are interested in innovative partnerships and will right-size services for your needs to deliver hosted cloud solutions with industry-leading technology. As a trusted MSP, TBC will implement, monitor, and manage your enterprise communication infrastructure to enhance your business outcomes.

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