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Are You Getting the Most out of your Nutanix Investment?

nutanix protection domain best practices

Technology has changed the way companies store and manage data in recent years. Not long ago, businesses relied upon room-sized servers to perform low-level computing functions. As technology has progressed, the need for physical space to accommodate these data infrastructures has been drastically reduced.

Virtualization has allowed companies the flexibility to manage several servers without purchasing expensive hardware. Today companies can utilize a single physical host to manage servers using cloud-based technology.

The problem is backing up virtual machines from a single physical host can be time intensive and risky. While utilizing centralized storage can be an option, having all hard-drives in a single unit can be disastrous during a failure. Hyper-converged technology can replace legacy infrastructures that once consisted of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays without having a single point of failure.

With the advent of hyper-converged technology, companies have been able to incorporate elements of conventional hardware systems into software-defined infrastructures. Utilizing digital technology—resources can be brought together in a single point environment.

What is Hyper-Converged Technology?

Hyper-converged technology creates a common datacenter hardware system with locally attached storage resources. Utilizing intelligent software—hyper-converged technology is able to consolidate large hardware centers into a scalable enterprise datacenter.

The hyper-converged infrastructure splits storage into multiple physical devices within the same piece of hardware. If one part of the storage system goes down or maintenance needs to be performed—you have an alternative copy within the same infrastructure. The high availability model means that companies won’t fall victim to a single point of failure due to the hyper-converged infrastructure.

How Can Hyper-Converged Technology Improve your Business?

The hyper-converged infrastructure has the ability to split network capabilities into multiple physical devices using the same hardware systems. Utilizing physical hosts in hyper-converged infrastructures creates a high availability model that keeps digital environments running at all times. Furthermore, hyper-converged technology means that multiple nodes can be added allowing for scalability to create environments of any size.

Increased performance is another advantage of the hyper-converged infrastructure. As opposed to a standard three-tier architecture—hyper-converged software uses a single cluster with unlimited nodes. Each one can have different amounts of storage, CPU, and memory resources allowing workloads to operate using maximum efficiency.

How Can Nutanix Improve Your Business?

Nutanix was one of the first companies to utilize hyper-converged technology in an enterprise setting. With built-in disaster recovery capability, Nutanix offers protection domain which creates snapshots of virtual machines that can be backed up locally.

The protection domain capability also allows companies to replicate snapshots from one Nutanix cluster to another regardless of location—making it a viable disaster recovery option. Snapshot copies of virtual machines can be sent using either manual or automated efforts.

Although Nutanix offers a lot of capabilities, the pricing point can be higher than traditional three-tier architectures. Utilizing the Nutanix environment requires companies to purchase specific equipment while also maintaining specific off-site Nutanix data centers.

Maintaining two separate environments and data centers can be expensive for businesses. Many companies would like to implement Nutanix functionality but are unable to afford the costs of deploying an off-site Nutanix infrastructure and data center.

That’s where TBC can help your company reap the benefits of Nutanix without having to maintain and operate a dedicated platform.

Let TBC Manage Your Nutanix Infrastructure Needs

The high costs associated with building and operating a Nutanix infrastructure can make it difficult for some businesses to justify. Partnering with TBConsulting can allow your company to utilize the Nutanix infrastructure without having to pay exorbitant infrastructural and maintenance costs.

TBConsulting allows companies to reap all of the benefits of Nutanix without having to purchase physical hardware, hire onsite technical staff or manage data center facilities. TBConsulting maintains the virtual environment and manages the service at a single flat-rate cost. Our US-based IT Operations teams monitor clients 24 hours a day to help resolve IT related issues at a moment’s notice.

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