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How This One Data Virtualization Tool Saves Time & Money

desktop virtualizatioinAt TBConsulting, we’ve partnered with a best-in-class data virtualization platform offering data virtualization tools that disrupt the traditional rules of data management, changing the way data is captured, managed, and used.

The platform is called Actifio, and it maximizes operational efficiencies because it captures, stores, and moves data once. It’s a single platform that delivers backup, business continuity, and immediate data access for a wide variety of uses.

Here are a few ways Actifio’s data virtualization tools can help you manage your data.

Capturing data

Actifio captures data at the block level and in native application format so it can be recovered instantly. It’s all governed by administrator defined Service Level Agreements that can be refined and modified in just a few clicks.

Moving data

Data moves through the virtual data pipeline to create a Golden Master Copy, a single physical copy compatible with any storage infrastructure. The master is then updated on an incremental forever basis from source applications.

Using data

The Golden Master can supply a virtual copy of any application data from any point in time and for any authorized user. This eliminates the need for proprietary vendor infrastructure to back up, perform disaster recovery, and replicate or deduplicate data.

Data results

The previous three outcomes manage data in the most effective way on any chosen infrastructure. Not only do you save money in reduced infrastructure needs, but all of your data is available whenever and wherever needed to support your business critical needs.

Why traditional approaches have failed

Traditional data management approaches compartmentalize your business requirements, which spawns separate stacks of uncoordinated infrastructure and massive amount of duplicate data. With the exponential growth rate of data in most businesses, this model is quickly becoming not only unwieldy, but also unsustainable.

More Information

To help you understand how data virtualization tools like Actifio can help revolutionize your data management system, TBConsulting put together an e-Book entitled Using Data Virtualization to Drive Business Agility & Resiliency.

The E-Book goes into more depth on how and why data virtualization is a time- and cost-saving resolution to your data management problems. To get a copy of this interesting and informative resource, download your copy for free.