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3 Forward-Thinking Technology Trends for Your 2021 Success Plan

3 Forward-Thinking Technology Trends for Your 2021 Success Plan (1)

Executives have had time to evaluate the consequences of hasty decisions they’ve made over the last nine months. Now is the time to apply that experience to your organization’s 2021 success planning. Let’s take the time to articulate the end game – decide what you hope to gain, accomplish, and achieve by optimizing the tools you have and determine what tech tools you still need to meet those goals.

Gartner projects the top 3 tech trends for 2021 will focus on “people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery.” Let’s take a look at these trends in more detail.

Customer-Centric Experience for Profit Building

The customer drives profitability, and a satisfied customer cascades that satisfaction into positive reviews, repeat business, and product endorsements. So how can you best capitalize on that positive experience? Do you have the ability to analyze all the data you collect and store to make business decisions quickly? 

Successful business cultures focus on the customer experience. They enable their workforce to innovate and respond to end-user demands by being agile with their business processes and infrastructure.

Technologies that enable end-user satisfaction can range from unified communication solutions for remote call centers and telehealth medicine to ITSM for faster ticketing queues and response to using AI for chatbots and to understand customer behaviors. By simplifying the process and building security into the purchasing framework, you can deliver faster, smarter, and with greater satisfaction.

Technology Feeds Location Independence 

You’ve probably heard from your employees that location independence is an essential element in their work/life balance and is a key factor in retaining talented people. Forbes reported a 47% increase in productivity, better performance and collaboration, fewer sick days, and higher job satisfaction if the job is suited to remote work. 

This remote workforce revolution will likely create a game-changing business culture focused on living life first and outcome-based business productivity. Organizations that can deliver this culture seamlessly will be able to hire and retain top-performing candidates.

Using technology to expand your talent base is not only good for your culture, but it can feed more significant optimization of research and product development, ultimately increasing revenue. Using tools like DaaS, your workforce can securely access data, applications, and workflows across the network – limited only by internet availability. 

Soon, the expansion of 5G will allow even greater coverage and speed across physical boundaries. With promises of lower latency and more resonant bandwidth, your business value can gain strength by combining tech and a skilled workforce’s capabilities. Data will be more readily available to specifically target your customer base and fuel innovation, unconstrained by location limits.

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Hybrid Cloud Promotes Resilient Delivery

How was Zoom able to respond to triple-digit growth and become a social and professional video conferencing platform giant, seemingly overnight? Exponential growth from 56,000 to 2.13 million daily global downloads in March magnified the agility of the company – and the successful implementation across the globe is the best example of cloud-enabled resilient delivery. Zoom was able to expand, at scale, to meet the demand of a new digitized culture.

Some businesses have had to streamline business operations in the economic downturn. Business processes have been streamlined, KPIs and metrics more vigorously tracked, and succinct communication between teams prioritized. Hybrid Cloud solutions can respond to such changes in demand, giving you visibility across all your platforms to enable resilient delivery of products and services.

Outsource for Greater Profitability

Your existing technologies may have been stretched thin and become incapable of more significant innovation. With the rise of ‘as-a-Service’, Hybrid Cloud solutions increase capacity and capability without the risks of overspending or the struggle to fortify legacy infrastructure for growth. 

Tech services like UCaaS, DaaS, ITSM, Cybersecurity Monitoring are key drivers in bolstering profitability and customer satisfaction. While business plans have shifted in preparation for 2021, and priority is given to securing tools that will enable the greatest flexibility, the core element of profitability will remain.

TBC’s Hybrid Cloud teams will help you implement the right technology for the greatest business impact and bolster productivity across employees, customers, and partnerships. We are a Managed Service Provider, devoted to transforming your business through smart technology and services to maximize your growth. 

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