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How to Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Get Attacked by Ransomware Again

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Ransomware can strike almost any type of business. Whether you’re a small online company or a mega-corporate conglomerate, no organization is immune to cyber-attacks. Although you do everything within your power to reduce risk, sometimes it’s unfortunately not enough.

If you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack, take every possible step to fully recover your business and minimize financial losses. Next, start creating a strategy to prevent further attacks from occurring.

Although ransomware can leave a devastating impact on businesses, all is not lost when it comes to salvaging your organization. Even if malware has taken its toll on your company, it doesn’t have to happen again. 

Here are steps that can be taken to lower the risk of future attacks.

Choose the Right Protection Strategy

Building the right cybersecurity stack can help fight current threats while preventing future attacks from occurring. Although creating a balanced approach to cybersecurity can be challenging—businesses must create a prevention strategy that addresses all potential weaknesses.

As the complexity of ransomware continues to evolve with time, more sophisticated approaches must be designed to safeguard against future attacks. Creating a well-rounded strategic framework can decrease the likelihood of subsequent occurrences.

Focus on building a cybersecurity strategy that addresses potential concerns. Leaders should assess risk areas within the company and create an approach that meets the specific needs of the organization. 

Make sure to have the following basic mechanisms in place including:

  • Up-to-date antivirus software
  • Up-to-date firewall protection
  • Email security 
  • Updated passwords
  • Annual training for employees

Businesses should take every step possible to limit future attack risk. However, if a company is compromised there’s a strong likelihood it could happen again. The importance of backups should be placed at a premium to help safeguard critical data.

Create a Backup Strategy

Having proper backups in place should be a top priority for any business. A proper backup strategy is a necessity to ensure a successful recovery can take place if a disaster occurs.

A sufficient backup strategy means adopting a multi-tiered approach. The 3-2-1 backup technique can be used to protect valuable data regardless of impending disasters or hazards. 

The strategy follows as such:

  • Keep three (3) copies of data
  • Use two (2) different types of storage media
  • Store one (1) copy at an offsite location

Diversifying your backup strategy can help ensure data can be recovered under any type of circumstance. 

Verification of Data Backups

Data backups must be scheduled and verified on a regular basis. Depending upon the specifics of the organization—creating a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly strategy can ensure data is sufficiently backed up and managed properly. Companies should also take additional steps to verify backups.

Often times data backups can fail due to file corruption or incompletion. Testing your data backup and recovery strategy is of critical importance. If a ransomware attack hits your company, the last thing you want is an insufficient backup source. 

Here are some steps to follow to ensure successful backups:

  • Test backups on a recurring basis
  • Follow regulatory compliance standards
  • Make testing a regular priority 

Following these simple steps can ensure backups are up-to-date with minimal risk of downtime. Sometimes businesses can use an extra hand when it comes to monitoring their security needs. That’s where TBC can help.

How TBC Can Prevent Future Attacks

Preventing ransomware attacks requires a security monitoring approach that safeguards your business. That’s where TBC can create strategies designed to monitor and protect against future attacks.

TBConsulting offers fully managed solutions that proactively monitor and assess your environment. We’re able to determine risk, protect data, and create a strategic surveillance approach. 

We help our clients protect their data while providing 24/7 security support. Utilizing preventative measures, TBConsulting takes every step possible to safeguard against harmful ransomware.

If you would like to learn more information about how TBC can manage your security needs, feel free to reach out for a free 30 minute consultation. Don’t let your company become a victim of ransomware again. 

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