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Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

Dreading the inevitable cyberattack? Not feeling confident in how you can perform against persistent, targeted attacks? You may be one of the 93% of business leaders who expect a "far-reaching and catastrophic cyber event within the next 24 months."

Fear will not protect you. Decisive action will.

Strengthen your cybersecurity and risk management strategies now to build cyber resilience. Eliminate vulnerabilities that act as invitations to attackers by implementing company-wide security monitoring, xTDR, data backup, and disaster recovery solutions before a crisis. 

Ransomware Response

Make cybersecurity your 2023 goal. It won’t be easy. And you can’t let it slip away like your other New Year’s resolutions.

Cybersecurity demands constant vigilance, cross-functional teamwork, dynamic processes, visibility, clear communication, and the ability to simultaneously pivot to play offense and defense. You must secure the health of your IT environment and build strategies to manage risk, ensure employee accessibility, and secure operational functionality and productivity to succeed.

Keep the IT machine running by integrating your tools, applications, and data to deliver real-time analytics that will help you make business decisions. When your roadmap is framed by business continuity, implementing these IT solutions can get you closer to meeting your cybersecurity goals.

The best way to fight IT failure is to be prepared for it. Regardless of when a natural disaster, internal sabotage, or threat actor strikes, you can control the outcome if you have immutable data backups, disaster recovery, and an updated and tested business continuity plan in place.

If any single cog in your IT machine fails, a responsive security team can isolate the problem, reduce the blast radius, and initiate recovery protocols—without your business grinding to a halt. Your business can also lean on a trusted IT Solutions Provider to support your IT goals and build confidence in the capabilities of your own teams.

Security with a Business Mindset 

To be cyber secure, every employee, every vendor, and every leadership role must contribute to the overall cyber safety of the business. Top-down mandates are rarely impactful. Instead, promote cybersecurity as a shared responsibility, where business leaders, security teams, data teams, and all employees take ownership of their IT infrastructure.

IT is a core business process. Without a fully managed operational network and IT infrastructure, there is no way to work, produce, or grow revenue. Business leaders who devalue IT are putting the organization at risk.




But even those executives who “get IT” must articulate their priorities. What matters most to the business? Data? Cybersecurity? Uptime? Compliance? Brand reputation? Productivity? The truth is that each of these matters--but resources and costs should be structured around specific business priorities.

As a vast enterprise, Walmart has focused its security division on risk mitigation and building customer trust. And while Walmart has the resources to fund a global security team, they know “exactly what to prioritize and what can wait,” a technique smaller organizations can use to tackle the expanding threat landscape. 

IT security plays a central role in business operations--organizations must take offensive and defensive action against targeted attacks. Security teams must adapt quickly to defend against evolving tools and tactics, proactively engage in threat hunting to shrink vulnerability gaps and watch for changes in network behavior that could indicate an infiltration.

Risk management

Risk management is an exercise in balancing risk mitigation with costs. Not every data pool and application hold the same value—so business leaders must build consensus to prioritize and determine what is critical to business operations. Once assets are mapped by priority, investments can be made to protect the most valuable assets and data.

Cyber resilience is built in layers—structured to safeguard critical infrastructure, maintain strategic functionality, and identify interdependent operations. Adding resources from an IT Solutions Provider to manage risk will help your organization increase compliance enforcement, gain threat intelligence, and build strength from a larger cybersecurity community to fortify your technology environment.

When you are cyber secure, you can make ransomware attacks valueless to criminals by refusing to pay the ransom. That may sound like a tough stance, but if you have deployed comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions, you will be able to return to full operational capability faster than negotiating with criminals.

Risk management is accountability. IT leaders must “own” continuous data protection and always-on security monitoring to reduce time to restoration and eliminate threats. In your business continuity plan, outline disaster recovery processes, chains of command, a communication structure, and decision-makers to reduce downtime.

Win with TBC

Ready to win the cybersecurity game against motivated and funded threat actors? TBC, an IT Solutions Provider headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, can help build your cybersecurity strategy for 2023 and beyond. At TBC, we partner with our clients to share IT intelligence, build trust with transparency, and engage enterprise stakeholders to inform IT cybersecurity and risk management frameworks.

We are invested in our clients’ success. Let TBC, a trusted IT Solutions Provider with over 25 years of IT service experience, integrate your IT tools with our solutions to stabilize and secure your infrastructure. TBC offers a suite of cloud-based, as-a-Service IT solutions specializing in cybersecurity, infrastructure, ITIL governance, unified communication, data backups, disaster recovery, and endpoint management. TBC delivers business value by optimizing your tech stack to scale for opportunities and manage growing risks. We see opportunities in times of crisis and work to streamline the technology you need to conquer chaos.


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