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Is Your Business Paying Enough Attention to Cybersecurity?

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The news of yet another large company whose systems have been hacked may fail to cause concern among leaders of smaller businesses. ‘It could never happen to us’ seems to be the philosophy many small to mid-sized businesses adopt when hearing about these data breaches. Well, it could be you.

Attackers do not discriminate when it comes to the size of a company, and every business is seen as fair game, with the smaller businesses appearing even more enticing. Why? Quite simply, because smaller businesses often do not have the available capital to invest in their security infrastructure. Big businesses might be well-publicized for attacks, but they often have the resources to improve their security posture and, ultimately, recover. It’s more than likely that your company will not be able to compete with that sort of spending power. 

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It’s time to stop thinking of security as the tip of the spear, as an afterthought. It’s the shield that protects you while you grow your business, and it’s essential that it is overlaid upon every aspect of your business.

A handy analogy to use here would be to imagine a pyramid:

At the bottom of the pyramid, you have your assets, the data that you house, and your network. 

At the middle of the pyramid, you have monitoring systems and applications.

Right at the very top of the pyramid, you have security.

Because security is about 3 things, which is summed up by the term ‘The CIA Triad’:

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability.

You have to ensure that you are following this standard across every aspect of your corporate assets, and across your data, otherwise the stuff below security on your pyramid is meaningless. Digital Transformation is an imperative companies must  embrace in order to survive and, more importantly, thrive in the marketplace, but if you haven’t invested in security, you are asking to fail. You build up what is referred to as “technical debt’ and, one day, those dues will be called in; by pushing off the costs and responsibilities of security, the debt only grows and when it hits, it will hit you harder because of your reluctance to invest in cybersecurity.

A big company can more or less see an attack coming and, when they are hit, they can take that blow. A small to mid-sized business might not even survive that initial strike. They cannot afford to bounce back and rebuild. 

It’s expensive to hire the staff, implement the processes, and sustain a monitoring system in-house. That’s why companies are increasingly looking to outsource their security needs to a managed service provider. TBConsulting’s Cybersecurity Solutions provide complete system support to help organizations stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Trying to keep sensitive employee documents, proprietary information, and other valuable data kept safe and secure? TBC can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks while keeping your company’s reputation and financial assets safeguarded. Too many companies underestimate the importance of strong cybersecurity. Don’t judge the security of your business based on what happens to the big targets of the world; value your security the same way you value your assets. After all, you can’t rest easy without those both going hand-in-hand.  

Interested to hear more about how to monitor or prevent breaches? Learn more about how TBC’s managed cybersecurity offering can provide this critical protection of your data and your business. 


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