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What is an Automation Framework? Helping Cybersecurity Teams Streamline Alerting with Automation Frameworks

Alert fatigue is real, and your Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts are probably burning out right now. All the noise, the chaos, and the heroic firefighting efforts from one shift often spill...

From the Experts: How to Evaluate Cyber Risk and Digital Maturity

Are you probing your cybersecurity program as a hacker does?

If you aren't looking through a hacker's lens, or you're just checking boxes on a compliance form that asks if you have cybersecurity in...

Stonewall the Hackers: Fortifying Your Cyber Security Defense Strategy

It’s Friday morning, and you are the first one to arrive at the office because, honestly, you want to be the first one out so you can finally meet your friends for happy hour. It’s been a long week,...

What are the 6 Phases of the Data Lifecycle?

Data is the pulse of your business. Both structured and unstructured data is being gathered at an alarming rate – to the tune of 1.145 TRILLION MB per day, by 4.66 BILLION internet users.